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A superhero space opera for grownups.

For fans of Guardians of the Galaxy or Invincible.
Like Dragonball Z but wish it had a little more hard science fiction in it?

The il’Drach Empire spans half a galaxy, built on the feet and fists of their Powered hybrid children.

At eight Rohan of Earth learned that he was only half human. By sixteen he was an active superhero, using his inherited powers to fight crime, in mask and spandex. At twenty-two he left his home to fight for the his father's people, expanding the il’Drach Empire and protecting it from local and interdimensional threats. At thirty-two, exhausted by ten years of ruthless warfare, he retired to Wistful, a vast sentient independent space station, to try to live a normal life.

With a steady job, someone far out of his league to date, and the most cosmopolitan selection of fine dining in the sector, things are looking up.

Then a long dormant wormhole in Wistful's system is opened by a ship full of refugees, drawing unwanted attention from the Empire. The appearance of the refugees sets off a chain of events that will force Rohan to confront his checkered past and cast doubt on whether he can ever leave behind his violent warrior heritage.

To keep his friends safe, and himself in one piece, Rohan has to face giant insects, body-skipping assassins, vengeful armored aliens, an inquisition of intelligent bears, and a team of his fellow hybrids. The open question is whether tapping into his savage alien powers will end up destroying the peaceful life he has been trying to build.


The Hybrid Helix Book 1

Wistful Ascending (JCM Berne)

  • Publisher: Gnost House
    ISBN: 9781734917017
    Number of pages: 406
    Weight: 540g
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition



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