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Typical. The colony ship, Odyssey Earth , travels fifty trillion miles without finding a habitable planet, and then two come along at once.

The mission is not exactly going to plan for the settlers of New Earth. In the aftermath of an accident that robbed them of their youngest crew-members, Captain Juno Washington and her second-in-command, Susannah, are contending with broken hearts and brittle feelings. Reeves, the AI, is feeling strangely out of sorts, the new security officer is behaving oddly, and the local goats have just gatecrashed the landing ceremony.

Things aren’t much better on the neighbouring twin planet, where the castaways are finding life hard without home comforts. Dana, Dervla, Manisha, Karlan, Bryson and Poole – six feisty teenagers with a nice line in condescension, eye rolls, and opinions about everything. And Jordan Booth, who just wants a hot shower and a quiet life.

When new arrivals threaten the mission, friends are separated and family ties tested. Meanwhile, as the twin planet starts to give up its secrets, Poole wants to go exploring. And Poole – everyone agrees – is an idiot who you wouldn’t let look after a hamster, so what could possibly go wrong there?

In the end, it all comes down to trust. Who’s on your side? Who’s got your back? And who’s coming to the rescue?


Odyssey Earth Series Book 2

Twin Landing (Rex Burke)

  • Publisher: Jules Brown
    ISBN: 9781916694019
    Number of pages: 340
    Weight: 382g
    Dimensions: 128 x 198 x 23 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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