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Babylon, 323 BC: Alexander the Great is dead, leaving behind him the largest, and most fearsome, empire the world has ever seen. As his final breaths fade in a room of seven bodyguards, Alexander refuses to name a successor. But without a natural heir, who will take the reins?


As the news of the king's sudden and unexpected death ripples across the land, leaving all in disbelief, the ruthless battle for the throne begins. What follows is a devious, tangled web of scheming and plotting, with alliances quickly made and easily broken, each rival with their own agenda.


Let the battles begin…

To the Strongest (Alexander’s Legacy #1) Robert Fabbri

  • Publisher: Atlantic Books

    ISBN: 9781786497987

    Number of pages: 432

    Weight: 295 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 128 x 27 mm

    Edition: Main


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