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Mesmerizing, darkly erotic, terrifying, The Vampire Armand is an historic instalment to Anne Rice's internationally bestselling Vampire Chronicles


Magnificent and electrifying, The Vampire Armand tells the tale of the mesmerising leader of the vampire coven, the Theatre des Vampires in Paris.


This angel-faced killer was snatched from the steppes of Russia as a child, and sold as a slave in Renaissance Venice. From there Armand's story spans several hundred years, culminating in a visit to New Orleans at the end of the twentieth century. 


Here his victims await either death or immortality. But once there his own existence comes into question when he must chose between salvation and his immortal soul...

The Vampire Armand (Anne Rice)

  • Publisher: Cornerstone 

    ISBN: 9780099548140 

    Number of pages: 528 

    Weight: 362 g 

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 33 mm



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