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The Trials of Empire is the epic conclusion to the bestselling Empire of the Wolf series, where Sir Konrad Vonvalt - the most powerful and feared of the Emperor's Justices - must finally face the dark powers that seek to detroy the Empire.


THE TIME OF JUDGEMENT IS AT HAND. The Empire of the Wolf is on its knees, but there's life in the great beast yet. To save it, Sir Konrad Vonvalt and Helena must look beyond its borders for allies - to the wolfmen of the southern plains, and the pagan clans in the north.

But old grievances run deep, and both factions would benefit from the fall of Sova. Even these allies might not be enough. Their enemy, the zealot Bartholomew Claver, wields infernal powers bestowed on him by a mysterious demonic patron.

If Vonvalt and Helena are to stand against him, they will need friends on both sides of the mortal plane - but such allegiances carry a heavy price. As the battlelines are drawn in both Sova and the afterlife, the final reckoning draws close. Here, at the beating heart of the Empire, the two-headed wolf will be reborn in a blaze of justice .

. . or crushed beneath the shadow of tyranny.

The Trials of Empire HB (Richard Swan)

  • Publisher: Little Brown Book Group

    ISBN: 9780356516479

    Number of pages: 544

    Weight: 800g

    Dimensions: 236 x 156 (mm)



    Signed Bookplate

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