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Imagination is an amazing thing.

It can take you to the top of the highest mountain, or down to the bottom of the
deepest depths of the sea.

This where it took Doggins on his Awfully Big Adventure: a quest full of magic
and flying machines. (And the world's best joke - trust me, it's hilarious).

It took three young inventors to the moon (where they may or may not have left
a bottle of lemonade) and a caveman on a trip to the dentist.

You can join them on these adventures, and many more, in this incredible
collection of stories...

The Time-Travelling Caveman HB - Special Edition (Terry Pratchett)

  • Publisher: Penguin Random House
    ISBN: 9780857536037
    Number of pages: 352
    Weight: 616g
    Dimensions: 146 x 230 x 41 mm


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