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Meet Dashiell Kincaid, a cocky security consultant known for his knowledge of SCAPE's virtual reality systems and his problem-solving ability. The Terminal Code takes place in 2050, as Kincaid is called to the scene of a murder in New York City, but is quick to find that this one is much more than it seems, as it somehow crossed the bounds of SCAPE and into everyday life.

In this modern take of a “locked-room mystery”, most people have abandoned the real world for the pleasure of the virtual, changing the dynamics of humanity, and crime. Kincaid’s quest for the truth reveals a deeper conspiracy than he bargained for and leads him to question the nature of his society, reality, and even himself.

Enter The Terminal Code today.

The Terminal Code (J. W. Galliger)

  • Publisher: New Degree Press
    ISBN: 9781636767437
    Number of pages: 264
    Weight: 308 g
    Dimensions: 216 x 140 mm


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