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The stage is set and the witch-hunt is about to begin.


'I am no witch. I have not sold my soul to the devil for powers. What I am has never openly been whispered of, yet it is enough that people would hang for it.'


England, 1645.


After his half-brother dies, aspiring playwright Nicholas Pearce is apprenticed to Judge William Percival, an infamous former witch-hunter who is under pressure to resume his old profession.


In a country torn apart by civil war, with escalating tensions between Catholics and Protestants, Royalists and Roundheads, and rumours of witchcraft, Nicholas hides a secret: the dead sing. He hears their secrets, but will he find the courage to speak up to save innocent lives, even if it means putting himself in great danger?


A spellbinding debut novel perfect for fans of Stacey Halls, Laura Purcell and Bridget Collins.

The Revels (Stacey Thomas)

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
    ISBN: 9780008566654
    Number of pages: 352
    Weight: 840 g
    Dimensions: 240 x 159 x 33 mm




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