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‘How, can you let things fade so far? I had a reason. I had cause, I was limited. You – you hide in your lakes playing games. This world crumbles, the last refuge north of the Everstorm is Mynyw and you have let it fall into jeopardy.’

The new King of Terrania may no longer hunt for Old Ones, but the world is far from safe. As the crew of Black Hind continues to search out the Old Ones and return them to their rightful homelands, the reach of a dead consort haunts the new king from beyond the grave.

In distant Mynyw a loyal guardian discovers the unravelling of an ancient pact. As Black Hind sails into his territory, he has a decision to make. Can he overcome his prejudice and ask for help from the strangers before the last refuge falls?


Book 2 of Black Hind's Wake

The Pact HB (J. E. Hannaford)

  • Publisher: Blazing Wren Books
    ISBN: 9781739921354
    Number of pages: 438
    Dimensions: 216 x 140 mm

    Weight: 800g

    Signed, Lined and Dated


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