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The NYT-bestselling gothic horror about cultural identity, the price of tradition and revenge. Adam Nevill's The Ritual meets Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies in this atmospheric gothic literary horror.


Ten years ago, four young men shot some elk then went on with their lives. It happens every year; it's been happening forever; it's the way it's always been.


But this time it's different.


Ten years after that fateful hunt, these men are being stalked themselves.


Soaked with a powerful gothic atmosphere, the endless expanses of the landscape press down on these men - and their children - as the ferocious spirit comes for them one at a time.


The Only Good Indians, charts Nature's revenge on a lost generation that maybe never had a chance. Cleaved to their heritage, these parents, husbands, sons and Indians, men live on the fringes of a society that has rejected them, refusing to challenge their exile to limbo.


"The Only Good Indians is an extremely unsettling masterpiece that is destined for the big screen. It is a horror novel that will chill you to the bone, but one that will also leave you with a profound sense of hope. You will not be unmoved." - FanFiAddict

The Only Good Indians (Stephen Graham Jones)

  • Publisher: Titan Books Ltd 

    ISBN: 9781789095296 

    Number of pages: 352 

    Dimensions: 198 x 130 mm



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