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The divine will have their war - and not all will survive it.

Scattered across the realms, the four noble heirs of Nexus walk a dangerous path, attempting to undo the damage the gods have wrought.

Taesia, the shadow-wielding rebel of House Lastrider, and Nikolas, the reluctant soldier of House Cyr, find themselves stranded in Noctus, the realm of eternal night. But they are not alone. They've been followed by the unpredictable god of light, determined to destroy Noctus.

Meanwhile, Risha, the peacekeeping necromancer, must navigate the treacherous realm of death, Mortri, where the spirits don't take kindly to the living. The stubborn elementalist Angelica fights a battle of her own in Vitae, trying to keep Nexus from unravelling while secretly suffering from an illness that could have disastrous repercussions for her family, her kingdom, and her dreams of the throne.

As the heirs struggle to restore balance to the universe, they encounter new allies and new foes alike. But the gods grow stronger. And their descendants will need more than their magic and wits to survive the coming war...

The Midnight Kingdom (Tara Sim)

  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
    ISBN: 9781399704144
    Number of pages: 576
    Weight: 840 g
    Dimensions: 240 x 164 x 48 mm





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