CAN'T ELIMINATE THE IMPOSSIBLE? Send for the man from the Diogenes Club!


The debonair psychic investigator Richard Jeperson is the Most Valued Member of the Diogenes Club, the least-known and most essential branch of British Intelligence.


While foiling the plot of many a maniacal mastermind, he is chased by sentient snowmen and Nazi zombies, investigates an unearthly murderer stalking the sex shops of 1970s Soho, and battles a poltergeist to prevent it triggering nuclear Armageddon.


But as a new century dawns, can he save the ailing Diogenes Club itself from a force more diabolical still?


Newman's ten mischievous tales, with cameos from the much-loved characters of the Anno Dracula universe, will entertain fans and newcomers alike.

The Man From The Diogenes Club (Kim Newman)

  • Publisher: Titan Books Ltd 

    ISBN: 9781781165744 

    Number of pages: 400 

    Weight: 168 g 

    Dimensions: 130 x 198 mm