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A cry of pain, hard and desperate, tore through Carthage City one night...

The Nightwalker Killings: bodies drained and tucked away in the abandoned corners of Carthage City Oldtown. The oddity of their stalled decay was a mystery... until the latest victim woke in a fury of teeth and claws.

Joe Kellerman, a young telepath working with a group of occult “Specialists,” finds himself face to face with the vampire known as the Nightwalker—at least, what’s left of him. To stop the vampire's contagion of death from spreading, Joe searches the killer’s memories to find his missing victims before any more wake to feed.

But as an alluring photojournalist with a history of blackmail starts to suspect his involvement in the Nightwalker case, Joe is stretched thin between past mistakes and his search for the missing, where every face he sees is a life seemingly doomed to a bad end. Maybe that's why he keeps having visions of a girl in yellow sneakers from the killer's past - the fleeting hope that someone made it out alive.

Is there anyone left to save, or has Joe finally gone too far into the dark to find his way out again?


Now a Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off 8 Semi-Finalist and the 2021 Indies Today Awards: Runner-Up in Horror

The Long Nights (Tom Mock)

  • Publisher: Self-Published
    ISBN: 9781079762327
    Number of pages: 308

    Weight: 336g
    Dimensions: 203 x 127 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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