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No man is above the law. 

The Empire of the Wolf simmers with unrest. Rebels, heretics and powerful patricians all challenge the power of the imperial throne.  

Only the Order of Justices stands in the way of chaos. Sir Konrad Vonvalt is the most feared Justice of all, upholding the law by way of his sharp mind, arcane powers and skill as a swordsman. In this he is aided by Helena Sedanka, his clerk and protege, orphaned by the wars that forged the empire. 

When the pair investigate the murder of a provincial aristocrat, they unearth a conspiracy that stretches to the very top of imperial society. As the stakes rise and become ever more personal, Vonvalt must make a choice: will he abandon the laws he's sworn to uphold in order to protect the empire?

Introducing an unforgettable protagonist destined to become a fantasy icon, The Justice of Kings is an unmissable debut where action, intrigue and magic collide.


"The Justice of Kings is a sensational fantasy debut. It is The Witcher meets Judge Dredd with a little bit of Ned Stark thrown in for good measure. I would liken it to Peter McLean’s War for the Rose Throne as it is a gritty, low fantasy romp rife with political intrigue and plenty of violence to go round. Sir Konrad Vonvalt is going to be a character you’ll hear about for years to come." - FanFiAddict

The Justice of Kings PB (Richard Swan)

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group 
    ISBN: 9780356516400
    Number of pages: 464 
    Weight: 320 g
    Dimensions: 194 x 126 x 34 mm



    Signed Bookplate Edition

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