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In Epheria, you are the predators. Here, you are the prey.


Almost four hundred years have passed since the fall of The Order. Four hundred years since the empire rose. Four hundred years since the last dragon egg hatched.


In the icy wasteland of Valacia, Aeson Virandr searches for the one thing that could turn the tide of war: hope.


But there is a reason no soul has ever returned from Valacia.


Hope comes at a cost, one that can only be paid in blood.


*Note: This is a companion novella to The Bound and The Broken series, not a standalone novella. Previous books in the series should be read first.

The Ice PB (Ryan Cahill)

  • Publisher: Ryan Cahill
    ISBN: 9781739620950
    Number of pages: 198
    Dimensions: 127 x 11.4 x 203.2 cm




    Signed Bookplate

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