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It is the twentieth year of the reign of Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus. The Empire spans the known world. No power is greater, and nothing can threaten the peace it brings. And no one must know of the horrors that haunt it.


Aemilius thought he would die heroically in battle like his forefathers, mourned by a loving wife and many children, but he’s barely a man when a harpy flies down out of the old myths and knocks him from his horse. Stunned and helpless, he waits for his end… and is saved.


Formed on the bloody battlefield of Teutoburg, the Hidden Legion are an order of soldiers, magicians, and rogues so secret that the Empire itself would hunt them down if they were exposed. And now Aemilius is one of them.


A darkness is growing across the Empire, and someone is setting traps for the Legion themselves. Aemilius and his new comrades set off on the hunt for an unknown enemy…

The Hidden Legion (Snorri Kristjansson)

  • Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Ltd.
    ISBN: 9781786189752
    Dimensions: 220 x 141 mm
    Weight: 428g





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