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A princess. A portal. A prophecy.


Ying Yue believed in love . . . once. Yet when she's chosen to wed the Crown Prince, Ying's dreams of a fairy tale marriage fall apart. Her husband-to-be is cold and indifferent, confining Ying to her room for reasons he won't explain. And whispers swirl: of seven other brides who mysteriously disappeared after their own weddings.


Left alone with only her reflection for company, Ying begins to see strange things in her mirror. And on the eve of her wedding, she unwittingly tears open a gateway and is pulled into another world. The realm is full of sentient reflections, including the enigmatic Mirror Prince. He is kind and compassionate, unlike his real-world counterpart, and before long Ying falls in love.


But soon she discovers that the two worlds have a blood-soaked history, and Ying has a part to play in both. And the brides who came before her? By the time they discovered their roles, it was already too late . . .

The Girl With No Reflection is a lush romantic fantasy debut - perfect for fans of Song of Silver, Flame Like Night and Violet Made of Thorns.

The Girl With No Reflection (Keshe Chow)

  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
    ISBN: 9781399733779
    Number of pages: 496
    Dimensions: 240 x 156 mm





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