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Elliot is now alone. He’s left Elmor and his friends behind as he heads for the Mountains of the Forgotten World on a mission, which is almost impossible to accomplish.

The Elder Races, the creatures that according to legend are haunted by an ancient curse, are his only hope of defeating Walter. Nobody knows if Elliot has the power to break the curse, and Queen Sophie and the people of Elmor depend on him. Walter may have been defeated in the last battle, but he’ll soon return more determined than ever to destroy his remaining enemies once and for all.

Elliot needs new allies, but the creatures he wants to get on his side have suffered at the hands of humans. Will he manage to convince the Elder Races that he is different?

The second book in the series, The Dance Of Light, will engage you in a compelling journey full of unexpected twists and thrills until the very last page.


The Dance Of Light Book 2

The Fall Of The Giants PB (Gregory Kontaxis)

  • Publisher: Self Published
    ISBN: 9781739729479
    Number of pages: 470
    Weight: 685g
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm



    Signed Bookplate Edition

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