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Britannia, AD 44. Occupation is never easy. The enemy is butchering their supply convoys, their garrison town is starving and the truce with the locals is uneasy at best. Young Cato, newly promoted, and veteran centurion Macro are ordered to train the Wolves and the Boars, two cohorts of barbarian Britons, and introduce them to the brutal drills of the Roman Imperial Army. Macro is confident they'll win the natives over, but Cato worries about putting weapons into the hands of potential rebels.


Ultimately, only one thing matters: is there a difference between the enemy at their gates, and the allies in their own camp?

The Eagle and the Wolves (Eagles of the Empire #4) Simon Scarrow

  • Publisher: Headline Publishing Group

    ISBN: 9780755349982

    Number of pages: 448

    Weight: 309 g

    Dimensions: 196 x 128 x 32 mm


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