The Deliverer has returned, but who is he?


Arlen Bales, formerly of the small hamlet of Tibbet's Brook, learnt harsh lessons about life as he grew up in a world where hungry demons stalk the night and humanity is trapped by its own fear. He chose a different path; chose to fight inherited apathy and the corelings, and eventually he became the Painted Man, a reluctant saviour.


But the figure emerging from the desert, calling himself the Deliverer, is not Arlen. He is a friend and betrayer, and though he carries the spear from the Deliverer's tomb, he also heads a vast army intent on a holy war against the demon plague... and anyone else who stands in his way.

The Desert Spear (Peter v Brett)

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers 

    ISBN: 9780007492558 

    Number of pages: 800 

    Weight: 560 g 

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 44 mm



  • The Painted Man 

    The Desert Spear 

    The Daylight War

    The Skull Throne 

    The Core