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A gritty, explosive and bloody cosmic horror, Buffy meets American Psycho, about a roguish magical fixer, who is the only thing stopping the finance industry from summoning the eldritch beings they worship and serve.


Julie Crews is a coked-up, burnt-out thirty-something who packs a lot of magic into her small body. She's trying to establish herself as a major Psychic Operative in the NYC magic scene, and she'll work the most gruesome gigs to claw her way to the top.


Desperate to break the dead-end grind, Julie summons a guardian angel for a quick career boost. But when her power grab accidentally releases an elder god hellbent on the annihilation of our galaxy, the body count rises rapidly.


The Dead Take the A Train is a high-octane cocktail of Khaw's cosmic horror and Kadrey's gritty fantasy-shaken, not stirred.

The Dead Take the A Train (Cassandra Khaw & Richard Kadrey)

  • Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
    ISBN: 9781803368009
    Number of pages: 400
    Dimensions: 198 x 130 mm




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