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Tova’s getting her hearing back.

She’s going to wish she wasn’t.

Alone in Tokyo for experimental ear surgery, Tova Nokes is finally shaking up her life. But when she starts to hear things she shouldn’t, all she wants is to make it home alive.

There’s a voice saying it’s where she comes from that makes her special.

If she can only survive violent stalkers, and the terrible screams, she might figure out why…

The City Screams introduces an entirely new story and a brilliantly unique heroine to the Ordshaw urban fantasy series. It can be read as a standalone - no previous experience necessary - with the familiar high-paced thrills, wildly original horrors and strong characters that made the Sunken City Trilogy stand out.

The City Screams (Phil Williams)

  • Publisher: Rumian Publishing
    ISBN: 9780993180880
    Number of pages: 134
    Weight: 154 g
    Dimensions: 203 x 127 x 8 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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