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The Pact is Broken

The legendary demi-gods known as the Twelve are awakening, and they bring with them the knowledge of what was found under the earth: an apocalyptic force of destruction that, if unleashed, will reduce the nine Baronies to ash.

Their one, slim hope of salvation lies deep in the Barony of Talth, a land now firmly in the hands of the greylings. Jelaïa del Arelium and Derello del Kessrin must marshal their weakened armies and lead them far to the north in a desperate attempt to win back what was taken.

Merad Reed, Captain of the Old Guard, sacrificed his own freedom so that others could escape. He now languishes in an underground prison beneath Morlak keep at the mercy of Mithuna, Third of the Twelve, and her knights. The keep is impregnable; no one has managed to pierce its defences in over a hundred years.

No one save for the man who calls himself Jeffson. Once a criminal and a murderer, now a simple manservant, Jeffson may have a way to rescue his friend, but only by returning to a life he had vowed to leave behind, a life ravaged by pain and loss. Does he have the strength to reopen old wounds without losing himself to his sordid past?


War Of The Twelve Book 3

The Burning Tears Of Morlak (Alex Robins)

  • Publisher: Bradypus Publishing
    ISBN: 9782957658060
    Number of pages: 350
    Weight: 381g
    Dimensions: 203 x 127 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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