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An omnibus volume of the acclaimed oriental fantasy from one of the genre's most exciting young talents.

The empire of Saramyr has relied on the secretive sect of Weavers for far too long. Now the Weavers, manipulating space and time through the Weave of existence, are plotting the overthrow of the families. Their motives twisted by the Witchstones they draw their power from.

As the empire crumbles the disowned abbearant daughter of the empire and a few scattered rebels must find out the secret of the true nature of the witchstones and rescue the empire from depravity and the rule of demons.

Chris Wooding has an unrivalled flair for Machiavellian plotting, explosive description and memorable young characters. This is the ideal first adult fantasy for his teenage fans.

The Braided Path (Chris Wooding)

  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
    ISBN: 9780575078819
    Number of pages: 992
    Weight: 1090 g
    Dimensions: 232 x 154 x 54 mm




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