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The Seven Satrapies have collapsed into four - and those are falling before the White King's armies.


Gavin Guille, ex-emperor, ex-Prism, ex-galley slave, formerly the one man who might have averted war, is now lost, broken and trapped in a prison crafted by his own magical genius. But Gavin has no magic at all.


Worse, in this prison, he may not be alone.


Who will fight to prevent a tainted empire from becoming something even worse?

The Blood Mirror (BRENT WEEKS)

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group 

    ISBN: 9780356504636 

    Number of pages: 688 

    Weight: 450 g 

    Dimensions: 130 x 118 x 43 mm



  • The Black Prism

    The Blinding Knife

    The Broken Eye

    The Blood Mirror

    The Burning White

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