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The city of Ro Canarn burns. With their father's blood fresh upon the headsman's sword, Lord Bromvy and Lady Bronwyn, the last scions of the house of Canarn, face fugitive exile or death.


In the court of Ro Tiris, men fear to speak their minds. The Army of the Red marches upon the North. Strange accidents befall those who dare question the King's new advisors. Those foolish enough to speak their names call them the Seven Sisters: witches of the fire god; each as beautiful and as dangerous as a flame.


And, called from the long ages of deep time by war and sacrifice, the children of a dead god are waking with a pitiless cry.


All that was dead will rise.


All that now lives will fall…



The Black Guard (A. J. Smith)

  • The Black Guard

    Dark Blood

    The Red Prince

    The World Raven

  • Publisher: Head of Zeus 

    ISBN: 9781781855645 

    Number of pages: 616 

    Weight: 363 g 

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 41 mm



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