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The ninth Culture book from the awesome imagination of Iain M. Banks, a modern master of science fiction.


It begins in the realm of the Real, where matter still matters.

Lededje Y'breq is one of the Intagliated, her marked body bearing witness to a family shame, her life belonging to a man whose lust for power is without limit. Prepared to risk everything for her freedom, her release, when it comes, is at a price, and to put things right she will need the help of the Culture.


It begins in the realm of the Real. It begins with a murder.


And it will not end until the Culture has gone to war with death itself.



Surface Detail (IAIN M. BANKS)

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group 

    ISBN: 9781841498959 

    Number of pages: 640 

    Weight: 480 g 

    Dimensions: 198 x 126 x 46 mm



  • Consider Phlebas

    The Player of Games

    Use of Weapons

    The State of the Art



    Look to Windward


    Surface Detail

    The Hydrogen Sonata


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