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The godkiller is dying.


Having plunged into the sea's depths to save Elo, Inara and Skedi from the fire god Hestra, her only chance of survival is to put her life in the hands of yet another god: Osidisen, god of the sea, for whom she is named.


But no godkiller wants to be at the mercy of a god, and if she lives it will be to continue her quest to destroy all she comes across.


That includes the little god of white lies, Skedi, to whom Inara is bound. As they search for answers to their bond, Elo searches for people to take up his call of rebellion and join his cause to destroy the man he once called friend and still calls king.


A king whom once devoted himself to destroying all gods throughout the land, but has now entered into an unholy pact with the most dangerous of them all.


And where once his heart beat, a god now burns.

Sunbringer HB (Hannah Kaner)

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN: 9780008521516

    Number of pages: 384

    Weight: 600g

    Dimensions: 240 x 159 (mm)



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