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The beautifully imagined debut fantasy novel inspired by the likes of Lord of the Rings and Magician. A young woman's yearning to become something more is brought to alarming fruition when she is pitted against the source of a malignant blight affecting the natural order of her world. Beyond the veil, the spirit realm connects all living things together.

The ocean to the sky. The rain to the ground. The air, and the trees.

But there is a darkness bleeding through the veil, tearing spiritlife out by the roots, leaving a lifeless void in its wake. The seasons have stopped turning, life withers where it should flourish, and vicious raiders prowl the lands. And in the heart of the darkness, a mad, broken god crouches, playing puppet master with the human race.

Fae is a gifted healer, and the only human in the elven tree-city of Arolynos. Brought to Arolynos as a young orphan, she remembers nothing of her life beforehand, but she has felt the eyes of the spirits her whole life. Never before have they deigned to speak to her.

Until the day the trees scream. The spirits are dying, and the world is dying with them. Gifted with a seed of power by the spirits themselves, Fae is the only one who can save them.

She alone must venture into the darkness. To defeat a broken god. Before the natural order collapses completely.


Spiritchild Book 1

Spiritchild (Danielle Lauren)

  • ISBN: 9781739741006
    Number of pages: 464
    Dimensions: 164 x 425 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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