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The hugely anticipated final volume of The Wars of Light and Shadow brings this widely acclaimed, masterful epic fantasy series to its powerful, earth-shattering close.


In the final battle of Light against Shadow, warring factions prepare to meet the bare fist of Arithon’s fury, sparked by the execution of the innocent murdered by divine decree.


As the Fellowship Sorcerers clash with rebellious dragons bent on catastrophic annihilation, those faithful to the True Sect raise armies to extinguish the clans and fight a last, bloody conquest of the free wilds. All while the Prime Matriarch courts reckless power to seize charge of Mankind’s destiny.


As contention threatens to snap the final restraint of old Charter Law, bitter strife and vicious ambition threaten to revoke humanity’s right to inhabit the world. The only hope of survival for all lies in the recovery of the Paravians, those who last called Athera home before Mankind.


The true hearts of heroes will be challenged in the savage fires of conflict; Elaira and Daliana’s steadfast loyalties must rise against the odds or fall as Lysaer’s reckoning collides with the Mistwraith’s secretive machinations. But not before Elder Powers arise to claim their debt for a grievance spanning millennia...

Song of the Mysteries HB (Janny Wurts)

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
    ISBN: 9780008653903
    Number of pages: 864
    Weight: 1020 g
    Dimensions: 240 x 159 x 60 mm


    Signed Bookplate


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