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*Please note that there will be delays in shipping times as this is a print-on-demand title.


Rohan once served the Empire. At great cost, he earned his freedom, and has since sought nothing more than to finish his shift in peace and figure out where his love life is going.


Then he receives a message from Earth, calling in a favor. A plea for the kind of help only The Griffin can provide. Reluctantly, he recalls his mentor. The man who taught him how to live with his cursed Power. A man who had been the galaxy’s greatest hope, before the il’Drach sent him to his death.


What would Hyperion do?


The Hybrid Helix Book 4

Shadow Of Hyperion (JCM Berne)

  • Publisher: Gnost House
    ISBN: 9781961805019
    Number of pages: 414
    Weight: 549g
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition



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