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Bjørn Eriksson is the fourth-born son of a wealthy Norse jarl, and a captured slave. While Jarl Erik accepts him as his son, Bjørn's place has always been last in line. Eager to earn fame and glory at the point of a sword, and write his own saga, he has waited patiently for sixteen long years to prove himself ready to join his father's fleet and sail the whale road.

At last, his time has come, but the Nornir - the weavers of fate - have a different story in mind for young Eriksson. A greedy and opportunistic jarl and a long-kept secret coursing through his veins threaten to reveal a very different future to what Bjørn envisions for himself. Before he can leave the familiar waters of home, Bjørn will find himself in the fight of his life as he struggles to protect everything he holds dear.


Saga: A Clash Of Jarls (Theo de Monchy)

  • Publisher: Olympia Publishers
    ISBN: 9781804392287
    Number of pages: 460
    Weight: 722g 
    Dimensions: 157 x 237 x 39 mm


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