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At forty-three Jeff Winston is tired of his low-paid, unrewarding job, tired of the long silences at the breakfast table with his wife, saddened by the thought of no children to comfort his old age. But he hopes for better things, for happiness, maybe tomorrow ... But a sudden, fatal heart attack puts paid to that. Until Jeff wakes up in his eighteen-year-old body, all his memories of the next twenty-five years intact. If he applies those memories, he can be rich in this new chance at life and can become one of the most powerful men in America. Until he dies at forty-three and wakes up in his eighteen-year-old body again ...

Replay (Ken Grimwood)

  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Co 

    ISBN: 9780575075597 

    Number of pages: 272 

    Weight: 257 g 

    Dimensions: 132 x 201 x 21 mm



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