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Who am I?

No doubt that question has been asked by many throughout their lives. Finding a purpose, finding a goal; such things can be so needlessly complicated. By the time I hit college, I still didn't have any idea what I wanted to do. However, it didn't end up mattering, because one day I found my life coming to a swift and tragic end.


Travis White died of a heart attack outside of a gas station.

That's not where my story ended, though. As I awoke from my collapse, I found myself whisked away to a land known to all denizens as the Afterlife. My memories were played before a judge, known as a Reaper Lord, and I was assigned a race, an identity, based on how I had lived my life. I would continue to exist in death as the lowest of the a Zombie. Known for never finding their own goal, they were thought to provide little to the lords of the Afterlife, known as the Necromancers, and I was destined to slave away mindlessly for all of eternity.


This would have been the case, had I not met a peculiar young woman before my demise. She, Amara, was a Necromancer, and she had pity on me. She took me away from that place and asked me to be her Servant.


Now, I trained to fight and serve. My life may not have had any meaning, but my death would not be the same. Amara has taken the time to train me to combat the dark influences of the other Necromancer, Arius, and his angels of death, the Azraels. Learning to harness a power unique to the Afterlife, called intent, and a strange sword I have learned to wield to defy the very laws of physics, I will cement my legacy in this world to become a legendary Servant of the Necromancer.


So, reader, take my Records Of The Afterlife, and let us fight against the forces that seek to limit our existence.

Records Of The Afterlife: Necromancer (Waylon Douglas Mann)

  • Publisher: Self-Published
    ISBN: 9798988906308
    Number of pages: 278
    Weight: 354g
    Dimensions: 216 x 140 mm


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