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'Shasa closed his mouth slowly. The very foundations of his political beliefs and principles were shaken, and the walls cracked through. They had led him up into a high place and shown him the prize that was his for the taking.'


The future of a country. The end of a family. Shasa Courtney, heir to the Courtney fortunes, dreams only of uniting his divided, beloved country. Against all his principles, he allows his half-brother Manfred to persuade him to join South Africa's right-wing National Party, hoping to moderate from within their dangerous policies of apartheid.


But Shasa's wife is working against everything he's working for, while Manfred has deadly secrets he cannot afford to be revealed, either to his family or the public who are on the brink of war. In the terrible struggle for the future of South Africa, the Courtney family will be torn apart - and many will have to pay a terrible price . . .


A Courtney Series adventure - Book 3 in The Burning Shore sequence

Rage (Courtney #6) Wilbur Smith

  • Publisher: Zaffre

    ISBN: 9781785766879

    Number of pages: 832

    Weight: 596 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 46 mm


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