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His father could find what was lost. His father knew when someone was going to die. His father had talked to him about the dead who rode in on the wind.


The dead travel fast. Gaspar is six years old when the Order first come for him. For years, they have exploited his father's ability to commune with the dead and the demonic, presiding over macabre rituals where the unwanted and the disappeared are tortured and executed, sacrificed to the Darkness. Now they want a successor.


Nothing will stop the Order, nothing is beyond them. Surrounded by horrors, can Gaspar break free?


Spanning the brutal decades of Argentina's military dictatorship and its aftermath, Our Share of Night is a haunting, thrilling novel of broken families, cursed inheritances, and the sacrifices a father will make to help his son escape his destiny.

Our Share of Night (Mariana Enriquez)

  • Publisher: Granta Books
    ISBN: 9781783788224
    Number of pages: 736
    Weight: 493 g
    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 41 mm




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