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The bond between men and the gods is weakening.


A dead man walks between the worlds and foresees Odin's doom.


The only survivor of a slaughter unleashes a monster from fiery Muspelheim.


Long hidden among mortals, a giantess sighs and takes up her magics once again.


A chief's son must overcome war and treason to become the leader his people need.


And the final battle is coming...


Northern Wrath (Thilde Kold Holdt)

£8.99 Regular Price
£6.74Sale Price
  • Publisher: Rebellion 
    ISBN: 9781781088197 
    Number of pages: 624 
    Weight: 500 g 
    Dimensions: 198 x 128 x 38 mm


    Signed (Bookplate)

  • Northern Wrath 

    Shackled Fates 

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