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Anger will not be quenched by blood alone.

The Missing, a rebel army that is little more than a rumor, may be Kaylo’s only path to exact his vengeance against the empire that claimed his home and killed his family. If it means a chance to balance the blood he owes, he will steal spirits and become the Missing’s tool, as long as they aim him in the right direction.

Eighteen years later, a war is raging between factions for control of Ennea. With Tayen, Kaylo, and Nix caught in the middle of a power struggle—Kaylo will have to find a way to fulfill the promise he made to Tayen, Nix must face the consequences of her betrayal, and Tayen will have to choose between vengeance and her spirit. When blood is owed, virtues will be challenged


Malitu Book 2

No Safe Haven HB - Numbered (James Lloyd Dulin)

  • Publisher: ‎G&D Publishing

    ISBN: 9798987173633

    Number of pages: 494

    Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm

    Weight: 889g

    Signed & Numbered


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