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Some paths are meant to be walked alone.

Mystic Reborn is the continuation of Paladin Unbound, the award-winning start of the Archives of Evelium.

After embracing his destiny as the last of the Paladins, Umhra the Peacebreaker is granted ancient powers by the gods. When he returns to the ruins of Antiikin to fulfill a promise, he embarks on a journey that will push the limits of his abilities.

As the Grey Queen’s arrival heralds the fulfillment of a prophecy that could mean the end of humanity, the kingdom of Evelium desperately needs a hero. Can Umhra once more rise to the challenge and save mankind from annihilation?


An Archives Of Evelium Tale Book 2

Mystic Reborn (Jeffrey Speight)

  • Publisher: Literary Wanderlust 
    ISBN: 9781956615203 
    Number of pages: 408
    Weight: 517g 
    Dimensions: 216 x 140 mm




    Signed Bookplate Edition

    May be subject to delays as this title is classed as Print on Demand

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