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Whoever said you can't fool an honest man wasn't one.


The Royal Bank is facing a crisis, and it's time for a change of management. 


There are a few problems that may arise with the job . . . The Chief Cashier is almost certainly a vampire - there's something nameless in the cellar and it turns out that the Royal Mint runs at a loss. Meanwhile, people actually want to know where the money's gone. It's a job for life.


But, as former con-man Moist von Lipwig is learning, that life is not necessarily a long one.


He's about to be exposed as a fraud, but if he's lucky the Assassins' Guild might get him first. In fact, a lot of people want him dead. Everywhere he looks he's making enemies.


Oh. And every day he has to take the Chairman for walkies.



Making Money (Terry Pratchett)

  • Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd 

    ISBN: 9780857525925 

    Number of pages: 480 

    Weight: 498 g 

    Dimensions: 204 x 136 x 42 mm


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