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Everyone loves a family reunion.


970: For the first time since Helga was adopted, her family will be gathered in one place. But her siblings are coming with darkness in their hearts.


Everyone knows their father, the Viking warlord Unnthor Reginsson, has a great chest of gold hidden somewhere on his land - and each of his heirs is determined to find it.


Then one morning Helga is awakened by screams. Blood has been shed. Kin has been slain.


All the clues point to one person - who cannot possibly be the murderer, at least in Helga's eyes. But if she's going to save an innocent from the axe, she's got to solve the mystery - fast . . .


Lies. Manipulation. Murder. There's nothing quite like family . . .

Kin (Helga Finnsdottir #1) Snorri Kristjansson

  • Publisher: Quercus Publishing

    ISBN: 9781784298098

    Number of pages: 320

    Weight: 230 g

    Dimensions: 197 x 129 x 2 mm


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