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A monumental new roman series is here.


3rd century Rome, like you've never seen it before: murder, coup, terror on the streets, counter-rebellions and civil war.

In a single year six Emperors will lay claim to the Throne of the Caesars...



When Emperor Alexander is cut down in a dawn attack, his murder marks the end of the Severan dynasty and the rise of a hero born from the barracks. Maximinus Thrax is a man of steel and violence, and his reign will come to nothing without the seal of approval from the Senate.


As Rome is rocked with uncertainty, the merciless war against the barbarians rages in the north, and personal tragedy, as well as the whispers of conspirators, will drive Maximinus to the borders of sanity.


In a world of intrigue, murder, passion and war, men will sacrifice everything to sit on the Throne of the Caesars.

Iron and Rust (Throne of the Caesars #1) Harry Sidebottom

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN: 9780007499878

    Number of pages: 432

    Weight: 310 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 27 mm


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