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'Buy my stepfather's ghost' read the e-mail.


So Jude did.


He bought it, in the shape of the dead man's suit, delivered in a heart-shaped box, because he wanted it: because his fans ate up that kind of story. It was perfect for his collection: the genuine skulls and the bones, the real honest-to-God snuff movie, the occult books and all the rest of the paraphanalia that goes along with his kind of hard/goth rock.


But the rest of his collection doesn't make the house feel cold. The bones don't make the dogs bark; the movie doesn't make Jude feel as if he's being watched. And none of the artefacts bring a vengeful old ghost with black scribbles over his eyes out of the shadows to chase Jude out of his home, and make him run for his life ...

Heart-Shaped Box (JOE HILL)

  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Co 

    ISBN: 9781473222700 

    Number of pages: 432 

    Weight: 296 g 

    Dimensions: 196 x 130 x 30 mm



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