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From the bestselling author of Alice, three women find themselves trapped inside fictional worlds and must fight to survive in this ground-breaking, locked-room horror novel.


One day Celia wakes up in a house that isn't hers with a husband she doesn't recognise and a little girl she’s never seen before who claims to be her daughter. She tries to remember who she was before because she is certain that this life – the little family-run restaurant she owns in a gossipy small town, and a feud with a neighbour who ends up dead – is not hers.


Allie and her friends travel to a remote cabin in the woods for the weekend. The cabin looks recently assembled and there are no animals or other life anywhere in the forest. Nothing about the place seems right and then in the middle of the night a stranger is banging on the cabin door...


Maggie, along with twelve other women, wakes up in a shipping container with the number three stamped on the back of her T-shirt. If she wants to see her daughter Paige again, Maggie must complete The Maze - a deadly high-stakes obstacle course.


All three women find themselves in worlds not of their own making and must fight to escape the horrors unleashed on them.

Good Girls Don't Die (Christina Henry)

  • Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
    ISBN: 9781803364018
    Dimensions: 198 x 130 mm




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