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It is 1862 and Japan is a land in chaos as the power of the Shogun wanes and the rival factions plan to restore the Emperor. In Yokohama, the gai-jin, the hated foreigners, seek to profit from the chaos. At the head of the Noble House - and heir to the title of Tai-Pan - stands Malcolm Struan, who is determined to become his own man and marry the woman he loves.


At the head of the Shogunate party is the Lord Yoshi, a direct descendant of Shogun Toranaga, who shares all of his ancestor's cunning and ambition.

Gai-Jin - James Clavell

  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

    ISBN: 9780340766170

    Number of pages: 1232

    Weight: 834 g

    Dimensions: 197 x 164 x 57 mm


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