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Brilliant, driven Victor Frankenstein has at last realised his greatest ambition. The scientist has succeeded in creating intelligent life. But when his creature first stirs, Frankenstein realises he has made a monster. And, abandoned by its maker and shunned by everyone who sees it, the Doctor's creation sets out to destroy him and all that he holds dear.


Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN remains one of the greatest horror stories ever written, a book that chillingly captures the unforeseen terror of playing God. And the heart-stopping fear of being pursued by a powerful, relentless killer.

Frankenstein (MARY SHELLEY)

  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Co 

    ISBN: 9780575099609 

    Number of pages: 224 

    Weight: 200 g 

    Dimensions: 199 x 134 x 17 mm



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