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Disclaimer - This is for the standard Hardback edition


Welcome to the Grand Abeona Hotel: home of the finest food, the sweetest service, and the very best views the galaxy has to offer. Year round it moves from planet to planet, system to system, pampering guests across the furthest reaches of the milky way. The last word in sub-orbital luxury - and a magnet for intrigue. Intrigues such as:


Why are there love poems in the lobby intray?


How many Imperial spies are currently on board?


What is the true purpose of the Problem Solver's conference?


And perhaps most pertinently - who is driving the ship?


At the centre of these mysteries stands Carl, one time stowaway, longtime manager, devoted caretaker to the hotel. It's the love of his life and the only place he's ever called home. But as forces beyond Carl's comprehension converge on the Abeona, he has to face one final question: when is it time to let go?

Floating Hotel HB (Grace Curtis)

  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

    ISBN: 9781529390582

    Number of pages: 304

    Dimensions: 240 x 156 (mm)



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