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*Please note that there will be delays in shipping times as this is a print-on-demand title.


I feared that using my magic would bring me closer to the faerie realm I tried so desperately to escape. I was right. 

I made a promise to a faerie, and they’ve come to deliver. A powerful talisman has disappeared, and without it, the faeries in this realm are losing their magic. Getting involved wasn't on my plan, but if I refuse to help the faeries find the talisman, I’ll die. 

To make things more complicated, shifters are being killed by a mysterious masked faerie, and all signs point to a connection with the missing talisman. To find the killer and help the half-faeries, I must unlock the full extent of the magic I once feared, even if it means leaving the Mage Lord determined to stand at my side. Even if it takes me to Faerie’s most dangerous path…

Faerie Realm (Changeling Chronicles #3) Emma L. Adams


    Createspace Independent Publishing

    ISGN: 9781915250537

    Dimensions: 203 x 127 (mm)

    Pages: 270

    Weigh: 295g



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