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I'm Ivy Lane, and lately, my life has been suspiciously free of faerie-related drama. But there's a storm coming. 

Now, the lords of Faerie know I have their magic. What they don't know is that I killed a powerful faerie, and might just have doomed both our worlds in the process. With hellhounds camping out in my garden and a dark uprising amongst the half-faeries, something bad is on the move in Faerie. 

The evil that rose to destroy our world twenty years ago is back. After all, in the place where the faerie realm meets the spirit world, nothing truly dies...

Faerie Hunt (Changeling Chronicles #6) Emma L. Adams


    Createspace Independent Publishing

    ISBN: 9781915250568

    Dimensions: 203 x 127 (mm)

    Pages: 262

    Weight: 286g


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