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He sucked in a deep breath full of that strange smell he couldn't identify. He trailed his hands across the satin beneath him and to both sides of him and, when he raised his hands, above him too. He knew why it was so dark. He understood why he could see nothing. He realized why he was lying down. He was in a coffin.


A distraught couple thinks you've killed their daughter and they want a confession. If you say you did it, they'll kill you. If you say you didn't, they'll leave you to die. It seems hopeless but there is one way out . . .


What would you do?


  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group 

    ISBN: 9781841497631 

    Number of pages: 352 

    Weight: 182 g 

    Dimensions: 176 x 108 x 23 mm



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